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Simone Louise Health & Fitness

7 Day FREE Trial! NEW online community and fitness program!



Figtree, New South Wales, 2525

Are you ready to live your best life? Your tribe is waiting for you at Simone Louise Health & Fitness!

7 DAY FREE TRIAL! CLICK HERE to discover all our program has to offer including workouts, support, nutrition, mindfulness and MORE!

A lifestyle not a fitness program
Simone Louise Health & Fitness is a community of women supporting each other to be your best – whatever that means for you and your family! Not just an online training program, we combine workouts, meal planning, community support with weekly motivation and lots of fun to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

COST: $18 per week / no lock in contracts / cancel anytime

What is FIT 4 LIFE?
With experienced coach Simone Louise in your corner you will feel empowered, energised and stronger than ever! We’re all about:

How FIT 4 LIFE works
When you give yourself the gift of better health and fitness, we do everything we can to help! Stay on track with your goals and see the results. Transform your body and mind – and achieve better life balance for your family.

  • 100% personalised – we start with in depth questions to build your personal profile and fitness goals so Simone Louise can tailor the program to your needs.
  • 2.Track your progress – total accountability with private measurements and tracking within your personal profile. See your body transform as you get stronger and fitter!
  • 45 min workouts – 5 online workouts Monday to Friday via the app with options to shorten or lengthen the workout to suit your needs.
  • 2 LIVE workouts – extra fun, extra motivation and support every week with two LIVE workouts!
  • Challenges – monthly exercise challenges to push yourself harder and hit those fitness goals!
  • Mind and body – take care of your whole self with mindfulness and meditation sessions on rest days. Get everyone to join!
  • Family friendly – meal plans and daily ‘how to’ food guides including ebooks, recipes and snack guides to help you stay on track. Live online cook-a-long every month!
  • Nutrition support – help with food tracking and breakdowns between fat, carbohydrates and protein to build your understanding of macro nutrition.
  • Community – like-minded support through our private Facebook group and weekly group coaching calls with Simone Louise.
  • Weekly coaching – weekly Zoom calls with Simone Louise to share your successes and struggles. Topics set each week, all questions welcome!
GET IN TOUCH WITH ME TODAY! Feel free to reach out if you want to know more - you can contact me on 0408 259 905 or email [email protected]

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