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Physiotherapists specialising in areas that affect pre-natal and post-natal women, babies and young children (such as pelvic floor issues, exercise during pregnancy, lower back pain, labour preparation, babies with flat heads, delayed crawling or walking, co-ordination, knock knees, toilet issues & disability issues) in the Wollongong / Illawarra

BaiMed Kids Physiotherapy

Babies and children deserve to play and move in the best way possible. At BaiMed Kids we work with parents, families and carers to create…See Listing

BaiMed Bumps

BaiMed Women’s Health Physiotherapy is Wollongong’s premier physiotherapy service catering specifically for women pre and post pregnancy and for pelvic floor dysfunction. Kate Basu and Georgia…See Listing

BaiMed BUBS Program

BaiMed BUBS is a program of 12 classes delivered monthly over the first year of your baby’s life. Each class aims to give parents handy…See Listing

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