Why baby, toddler & kids classes / extra-curricular activities are GREAT! Just don't fall foul of these 4 things...

 Jenny Henderson 5//10/2017


'The overscheduled child'

'Kids nowadays have too much screen time and not enough time roaming in nature'

'The Helicopter parent'

'Your child needs more quality time with just you to flourish'


Wow - it's not easy to do the 'right thing' as a parent anymore! So many 'experts', so much judgement!

Yet two things are clear to us here at Parents Guide:

1. A loving parent wants the best for their child and,

2. A loving parent knows their child better than anyone else.

Combine those two factors and that leaves you in a position to make a pretty good judgement call on what feels like the right things to do with your child/children and your unique family dynamic.


If you are considering whether you want to enrol in any baby / toddler / school aged classes or adding extra curricular activities, we are happy to tell you the benefits of doing so and where to look to find the classes that appeal! Just make sure you don't 'overschedule' them OK ;) 

Here are some benefits of enrolling your child in a term's or season's worth of classes:

- For the young un's especially it helps them develop gross and fine motor skills,  confidence and they learn they can be safe and have fun away from you

- It helps develop social skills like turn taking, sharing and widens friendship circles outside of school and pre school - leaving your child less reliant on just finding friends from their class at school or pre-school

- If your child is then less reliant on making and keeping school buddies, that in turn can give them a greater tolerance to the ups and downs of their friendships in the playground (and possibly also more resilient to unwanted bullying behaviours) as they have alternate friends that can meet their needs outside of school

- It helps develop your child's coordination, skill set and broadens their horizons and interests

- As your child gradually masters and improves their skills, they develop an appreciation for the joy of learning and a healthy awareness that if they keep turning and up and trying, they will improve!

- As a parent, it can be a lovely way to make more friends and build your local network, particularly if you are new to the area

Obviously any investment in extracurricular classes or sports it is a deeply personal choice for each parent, child and family, and sometimes with our super busy lives, just finding a class on the right day or time is the logistical decider!


These other considerations can help you decide:

- The nature of your child - will they flourish in a group environment with a competitive sport where the onus can be on results not just enjoyment?

- Or maybe aeither a non-competitive option that is less pressured or somewhere with smaller class sizes may help them settle in and enjoy it?

- Is your child physical or do they love to be creative, whether it's drawing, painting, singing, acting?

- Would a sports-based activity or maybe a martial arts or movement based program like dancing improve your child's level of activity, fitness and well being?

- A diversity of activities is great but too much scheduled activity can drive everyone a bit nuts! Again, it is a deeply personal choice, where you will make the right choice for your unique family dynamic and the personality of your child.


At Parents Guide, we say trust your parenting instincts anyway!


We have a really lovely diverse list of what's on across the Term  CLICK HERE!

You can find a FULL listing of Illawarra kids and baby class on Parents Guide Directory - click here.

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