Dr Jodi Croft - Female Wollongong Obstetrician and Gynaecologist supporting and empowering women through pregnancy, birth and beyond

 Jenny Henderson Tue 30 October 18


The Parents Guide team are all mums with 8 birth experiences between us. Despite our very different experiences of pregnancy, birth and parenthood, we are united on this:

The importance and significance of the medical professionals who guide and support us through this journey.

The skill of the Obstetricians and Midwives who care for us during pregnancy and birth defines our experience of it and the outcome.

Yet what underpins and can dramatically shape our experience, is the relationship we build with those professionals, during some of the most vulnerable, intense and high risk stages of our life.

Which is why we are delighted to welcome Dr Jodi Croft – local mum of 3 and experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has joined forces with Dr Pip Gale. Together they have created their own rooms in Wollongong that patients are raving about. Dr Jodi's books are now open (whoop!) and she is taking appointments now for care during pregnancy and birth, plus all women's health issues.

Dr Jodi Croft is down to earth, humble and yet quite remarkable. It goes way beyond her 7 years of delivering babies and being a mum herself who birthed 3 children. She has an inherent ability to put anyone at ease. She absolutely adores her job and she invests in building a relationship with every single patient. 

Jodi makes it her mission to know what is unique and important to you, from the medical and personal perspective. That means she is entirely invested in delivering safe healthy, safe medical outcomes but in a manner that makes you as her patient, feel informed, empowered and supported.

When you overlay that commitment and thoroughness, with a cool calm mind under pressure combined with her exceptional skilled handiwork as a surgeon, we have a real reason to celebrate that Dr Jodi Croft’s rooms are open!

It is exactly this highly professional yet close relationship that can help define our pregnancy and journey through birth, as a positive and empowering one for us as women...

Dr Jodi Croft is taking appointments for the following services:

• Pregnancy and conception counselling;

• Full Obstetric services, caring for you during pregnancy and birth;

• All women’s health and Gynaecological issues 

In addition, Dr Jodi Croft has been trained in, and passionate about, Laparoscopic Surgery, which means that if surgery is required, she can offer minimally invasive surgery with less scarring in discretely chosen areas plus quicker recovery times.

When you are a patient of Dr Jodi Croft, she is on hand, highly qualified, compassionate and dedicated to the healthy outcome you want. Having worked in both the public and private system, Jodi loved both but she now really appreciates how her private practice allows her to offer a full individual and tailored service to each patient.

With our thanks to Jodi for taking time to talk to Parents Guide and for sponsoring this article. We commend Jodi's absolute commitment to support her patients and significance of that for birthing women or anyone seeking women's health expertise. 

To get in contact with Dr Jodi Croft, please contact her rooms on 1300 971 265 or visit her website - click here :)


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