Chiropractic and pregnancy- a natural approach

 Paul Atkins Tue 22 January 13


"Every day more clinical research is showing that chiropractic care can play a crucial role during pregnancy, labour and delivery" stated Dr Drew Rubin."Research showing that the Webster Technique can affect a breech presentation so that more aggressive interventions such as C-sections can be potentially avoided is growing. This study is the first to use a hand held adjusting instrument to perform Webster's Technique" added Dr Rubin.

Despite widespread education and efforts to curb birthing interventions such as caesarean sections, their use remains high and concern amongst health care advocates is growing. The concern centres around the use of high risk interventions for "convenience" of the doctor or mother without taking into consideration the long term effects of a traumatic birth on the child.

"Some expectant mothers are hesitant to undergo chiropractic care for fear it might harm the baby" stated Dr Matthew McCoy a researcher, public health expert and editor of the journal that published this study." But the data shows this is simply not the case and chiropractic has been shown to be safe and effective during pregnancy. The findings from Dr Rubin's study add further options for the way pregnant woman are adjusted" added McCoy.

As pointed out in the paper, a hand held adjusting instrument was used to perform one part of the adjustment known as Webster's Technique. The instrument produces a very light impulse that helps "reset" the spinal or pelvic joints. According to chiropractic specialists, distortions of the spine and pelvis either cause or add to the problem of "In Utero Constraint", possibly causing breech pregnancies. Spinal and pelvic distortions termed subluxations by chiropractors, result in structural and neurological interference to the spine and nerve system. It is this interference that may affect the birth process and chiropractors correct or reduce this interference, correct the imbalance and allow the foetus to turn in preparation for the birth process.

"The goal is for the mother to be checked prior to the time of delivery so that these problems can be corrected beforehand and a difficult labor avoided" remarked Dr Rubin.

Whilst no result can be 100% guaranteed it has been found that by balancing the spine and pelvis using these specialised gentle techniques has great benefit for most women through their pregnancy and into the birth process.

Submitted by: Paul Atkins (B.Sc.,Grad.Dip.Chiro) of Kiama Family Chiropractic is a certified Webster Practitioner and has undertaken the specialised training to become proficient in this special adjusting technique and has seen and adjusted many pregnant women over a number of years and have had great results not only with breech presentations but with a host of other complaints that many women suffer through their pregnancies. For more information you can contact Kiama Chiropractic on 42322614.


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